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We Carry Recycled Cardboard Boxes, Lightly Used Moving Boxes, Storage Boxes, and Shipping Boxes for $1 Dollar per box.


Quality Used Boxes without Paying New Box Prices

We Carry Lightly Used and Recycled Boxes

We call our boxes "lightly used" or "recycled" because they are in like-new condition. Our philadelphia used box warehouse holds thousands of used boxes, perfect for moving, storage, and shipping.. If we didn't say anything, you would never have guessed our boxes were used. We buy boxes from large companies that have thousands of leftover boxes which they would normally throw out or recycle. They are perfectly clean and ready to be recycled by customers just like you. By purchasing them in bulk, we are able to resell them to you at just ONE DOLLAR per box.

Used boxes vs. New boxes

Used cardboard boxes really are becoming the norm for moving and storage. Nobody wants to spend as much money on boxes as they do for a truck rental or a moving company. Moving can get expensive, which is why used boxes are the perfect fit for your upcoming move. Our used boxes are high quality and they are cheap! They are like-new and they get the job done just as well as a new box, but at 1/3 the cost of a new moving box. Moving supply companies with similar sized cardboard boxes would charge around $3.75/box! We are salvaging used boxes by the thousands and supplying them to you at a hugely discounted rate, saving you tons of money when you go to pack up your apartment or home. By reusing and recycling these great cardboard boxes, you are helping both the environment and your wallet.

We also have some bigger boxes now in stock which sell from $2.00 to $3.00 per box, still a great savings vs. storage and moving company boxes!

We have thousands of boxes ready for pickup.
All boxes are cut down and ready to go.
Boxes in our Philadelphia Warehouse

Buy one box or one thousand for just $1.00 per box

Used Cardboard Boxes that are Durable

Our boxes are cheap, but that doesn't mean they aren't the strongest cardboard boxes in the business! All of the used boxes we purchase are Double Walled with a 42 lbs/inch crush test rated, so they can handle almost any kind of product, including books and small appliances. Our cardboard boxes are even strong enough to stack on top of one another. This will save you lots of room when using our boxes for storage. The quality and the price make our used cardboard boxes the best deal available online and in our hometown of Philadelphia, PA.

All used cardboard boxes must meet our quality requirements, otherwise they are shredded and then recycled. No box is sold without us seeing it first. This ensures ONLY quality moving boxes are delivered out of our Philadelphia warehouse.

Used Box Sizes - Small, Medium, Large, X Large

Various Box Sizes Available

Small used boxes for $.75 (15" Length x 12" Width x 12" Height)
Medium used boxes for $1.00 (22" Length x 16" Width x 14" Height)
Large used boxes for $2.00 (22" Length x 16" Width x 18" Height)
X Large used boxes for $3.00 (22" Length x 16" Width x 21" Height)

Our medium, large, and x large boxes are almost 2 feet in length, which fits most items in your bedroom, apartment, or office.

Our $1.00 Box fits about 70 shirts in them generously or about 14 heavy books.

Please keep in mind, we do not always receive the same size cardboard boxes, so the dimensions of your boxes will vary.

Measurements of our moving boxes. Our boxes are used as storage boxes and shipping boxes everyday.

Measurements of  medium used moving box

Our Location

Box Pickups and Deliveries Available

We have a huge warehouse loaded with used boxes. We stock a few different sized boxes and sell our most popular size at $1.00 per box. You can pick and choose your preferred box sizes when you arrive for pickup. Keep in mind, all cardboard boxes are already cut down for convenience to make loading your car or truck easier!

We are located at:
11500 Roosevelt Boulevard
Building D2
Philadelphia, PA 19116

Phone: 215-677-9200

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Box Dollar's Used Box Warehouse sells cheap moving boxes, cheap storage boxes, and cheap shipping boxes for pickup in the Philadelphia, PA area.
We resell USED and RECYCLED boxes in LIKE-NEW condition, perfect for moving, storage, or shipping..